Wi-Fi Service

NIDA enables its graduate students and personnel to access NIDANet and the Internet with a notebook or PDA supporting Wi-Fi, by simply entering the personal NetID  into the system.

How to Set up Your Computer to Activate Wi-Fi Applications.

Network Name : The name of the Institute’s Wi-Fi network is NIDA_Wireless. Upon start-up, the computer or notebook in use will automatically detect the name. Thus, specifying the network name is not necessary. Note that more than one network may be detected, but they are not NIDA’s services.

For student: NIDA_Wireless , NIDA Wifi by True ,NIDA Wifi by AIS

For staff :    NIDA_Wireless , NIDA Wifi by True , >NIDA Wifi by AIS , NIDA_Staff , NIDA _Staff by True , NIDA _Staff by AIS

For guest :  NIDA Guest , NIDA Guest by True, NIDA Guest by AIS  

Login : For login, use NetID which authenticates an individual user. A person without a NetID can not access any services of NIDA. 

WPA Key : WPA Key is the value created to enter the data code which is transmitted between the access point and the work station, i.e. the computer. The key is set up in order to prevent malefactors from hacking your data. For that reason, users must type capital and lower-case characters precisely as specified because the system detects such case specificity.
For more information, please contact Helpdesk.

One hundred and 170 access points are widespread scattered around NIDA’s campus. Users can check the service statuses here.

In case of any inconvenience related to installation and/or applications, please contact Helpdesk at [02-727] 3777, 3778. Our Helpdesk office is located on the 9th floor of Siam Borommaratchakumari Building.

User’s Guide for NIDA_Staff / NIDA_Staff  by True / NIDA_Staff  by AIS on Windows 

Automatic Wi-Fi connection for smartphones