Print quota

Print Quota

Since 6 March 2013, ITC has developed the new printing system called “NIDA Smart Printing System (NIDA SPS)” which is the combination of the previous printing system and the wireless printing system (WPS). The student who has the remaining quota for both systems will be automatically transferred.

1.Printing can be done at the Computer Lap 1 (Walk-in Lab), 9th Floor Siamborromrajacchakumari Building, 2nd Floor NIDA’s Library, or using personal laptop connecting via NIDA wireless (NIDA SPS printing software must be installed, download the software and the instruction manual here).



2.Students can collect the print jobs at any of the  printing stations by scanning the student‘s ID card. 
3.The print job will be stored at the server for 6 hours. After that the job will be deleted from the server with no quota counted.
4.The quota can be checked and cancelled at the printing station.


Purchasing Printing Quota
   The printing quota can be purchased at helpdesk counter, 9th Floor Siamborromrajacchakumari Building, or at the purchasing kiosk, 2nd Floor NIDA’s Library (minimum 30 baht).

Printing Price

  • Size A4, black&white = 1 baht/page
  • Size A4, color = 6 baht/page (available only at the Computer Lap 1 (Walk-in Lab))

The Printing Station Locations

  • the Computer Lap 1 (Walk-in Lab), 9th Floor Siamborromrajacchakumari Building
  • 2nd Floor NIDA’s Library
  • L Floor, Common Room - Nawamin Building, and 1st Floor Common Room - Siamborromrajacchakumari Building (Kiosk)

Service Hour for Purchasing Printing Quotas

  • Mondays – Fridays 9.00am. – 8.00pm.
  • Saturdays – Sundays 9.00am. – 7.00pm.
  • Except on Public Holiday