Computer Study Laboratory

The Institute has provided 4 computer study laboratories, three of which are reserved for pedagogical activities. The other one room spared for walk-in students. If the walk-in room is full and the other three do not have any curricular activities, students can walk in and deploy the computer therein.

Office Hours

Room Location Office Hours
LAB 1 (walk-in)




Siam Borommaratchakumari Building



9th Floor


Mondays - Fridays

08.30 am – 06.30 pm


Saturdays – Sundays

08.30 am – 05.30 pm

LAB 4 10th Floor




All computers in the laboratory room are installed an intrusion prevention system. Students can temporarily save their data only; hence, they are encouraged to bring with them their own recordable media. The computers in the laboratory are provided specifically for knowledge search, academic purposes, and report preparation. Students must not use computers in the laboratory for other personal purposes including every single unlawful or unethical activity. If found that students use the computer contained in the laboratory improperly, NIDA reserves the rights to disallow their using the computer study laboratory. Also, in using the computer, students must treat their NetID with complete confidentiality.